Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on January 2023

Buy safely

Buying online should be a happy experience. With PayPal’s Buyer Protection Policy, you can focus on the fun stuff—choosing what to buy! If there is ever a problem with your purchase, we’ll help you make it right.

Protected Purchases
If an item that you’ve purchased online with PayPal doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, we’ll look into it. If something is wrong, our Buyer Protection will reimburse you for the full purchase price plus shipping costs.

How does it work?
You bought credit for your favorite online game but never got it, you bought a book but got a DVD, you purchased an authentic brand but got a knockoff instead, your purchase arrived with major parts missing (that the seller didn’t disclose), or you ordered 3 items but only got 2. Just tell us- you’re covered in each instance!

Items Not Covered
Most purchases of products and services are covered except real estate, businesses, vehicles, custom-made items, industrial machinery, items equivalent to cash, anything you buy in person and items prohibited by PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. You must open any dispute within 180 days and your account has to be in good standing or you will not be covered.

$0 liability
We’ll email you a receipt confirming the payment whenever you pay with PayPal. If you receive an email for a payment you didn’t authorize, contact us immediately. We’ll act fast to secure your account and investigate.

Full Refunds
Our Buyer Protection Policy helps you in the unlikely event you have a problem with an eligible purchase. If an item doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, we’ll help you recover the full purchase price (up to $20,000), including shipping costs.

24/7 Customer Support
PayPal Customer Support is here to assist you if a problem does arise.

We can help you deal with suspicious account activity or resolve a problem with a purchase.

If you have a query, please contact us.