The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt

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The approach combines traditional chronological history with cultural and social historical material to produce a well rounded picture … chapters covering prehistory and the intermediate periods are particularly good, with Seidlmayer on the First Intermediate Period and Bourriau on the Second
Intermediate Period outstanding. Bryan’s chapter on the 18th Dynasty before the Amarna Period is also particularly good.’

`If you only want to read one book on Egypt, then read this one … even people who consider themselves as experts on Ancient Egypt will find much to set them thinking: And while such Egyptologists will have a field day, the casual reader will find plenty to arouse their interest, ranging from
the story of the world’s first strike … to the revelation that Scotland Yard possesses a print taken from the hand of a mummy.’
The Northern Echo

`splendid, lavishly illustrated book … the only single-volume work to cover 700,000 years of Ancient Egypt from the stone age to Roman conquest … Lucidly edited by Ian Shaw … you get the facts without the dust. An excellent choice for enthusiasts and novices alike; even better if you
can persuade someone to buy for you as a present.’
Roddy Phillips, Aberdeen Press and Journal

`From the Stone Age to the Roman occupation in the fourth centry AD, the mighty Egyptian dynasties are brought to life in almost 450 pages … never anything but deeply informative, without losing sight of the essential attribute of any book – readability … both stimulating to the casual
reader or keen-to-learn holiday maker and the serious student alike.’
Peter Leach, North West Evening Mail

`brimming with … intriguing facts … also provides a first-rate overview of – le progres Egyptien – from the period when Homo erectus first stalked the land right up to Octavian’s triumphant entry into Egypt in 30 BC.’
Douglas Kennedy, The Times

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The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt uniquely covers 700,000 years of ancient Egypt, from c. 700,000 BC to AD 311. Following the story from the Egyptians’ prehistoric origins to their conquest by the Persians, Greeks, and Romans, this book resurrects a fascinating society replete with remarkable historical information.

It investigates such subjects as the changing nature of life and death in the Nile valley to some of the earliest masterpieces of art, architecture, and literature in the ancient world. The authors an international team of experts working at the cutting edge of their particular fields outline the principal sequence of political events, including detailed examinations of the three so-called ‘intermediate periods’ which were previously regarded as ‘dark ages’ and are only now beginning to be better understood. They also examine cultural and social patterns, including stylistic developments in art and literature.

Addressing the issues surrounding this distinctive culture, vividly relating the rise and fall of ruling dynasties, exploring colorful personalities, and uncovering surprising facts, The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is certain to enrich our understanding of this endlessly intriguing civilization.

“Brimming with…intriguing facts…also provides a first-rate overview of le progrès Egyptien–from the period when Homo erectus first stalked the land right up to Octavian’s triumphant entry into Egypt in 30 BC.”–The Times (London) (on the previous edition)


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