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Pyramids (Egyptian pyramids)

Pyramids are distributed in Egypt and America. Egypt in Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in present-day Sudan and Egypt. Of various sizes, the tallest of them is the Khuf Pyramid, 146.5 meters high and 230 meters long. It is made of 2.3 million stones with an average of 2.5 tons each, covering an area of 52000 square meters.

The pyramids of Egypt are the mausoleums of the emperors (Pharaohs) of ancient Egypt. One of the eight architectural wonders of the world. The quantity is numerous, the distribution is extensive. The pyramids around the ancient city of Memphis, west of Cairo’s south-west Nile, are concentrated in possession.

A total of 96 pyramids were found in Egypt, the largest of which was the three pyramids in Giza, a suburb of Cairo.
About dozens of small countries of slavery have emerged on both sides of the Nile since 3500 BC. About 3000 BC, the initial unification of the ancient Egyptian state was established.

The King of Ancient Egypt, also known as Pharaoh, was the largest slave owner of ancient Egypt and had supreme power. They are seen as the embodiment of God. They built a huge mausoleum pyramid for themselves, and the pyramids became a symbol of Pharaoh’s power. Because these huge mausoleum shapes resemble the word “gold” of Chinese characters, we call it the “pyramid”. In front of the pyramids in Harvard, there was also a sphinx guarding the tombs of the pharaohs.

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